Eight Pattern Wing Chun Kung Fu


Update 2012: As of now we are independent from the EWTO / IWTA. We have tried our best to have a fruitful partnership, but it didn't work out. A group of private schools just doesn't fit into an international franchise system like the IWTA. We wish our ex-colleagues the best possible success. 

In April 2011 Grandmaster Kernspecht has reviewed the status of the 8PWC School with Matthias during a seminar in Munich. The current situation is described below. Further details are going to be resolved in the coming months with GM Kernspecht, Dai Sifu Schembri and Sifu Mario. We will keep you up to date.

Recognition of EWTO/IWTA degrees and programs at the 8PWC school
Some of our sets are different to the IWTA versions and we have an additional set. However, we fully credit all IWTA sets and also those of most other organizations. Our Chi Sau sections can also be credited from the IWTA sections. The few additional patterns in our sections can usually be learned in a short time. However, our "grades" work in a different way.

To be a technician, you have to be able to perform the first four Chi Sau sections and sets. Furthermore, you have to master the first three essentials. The first two are taught in early stages of the EWTO curriculum (through Dan Chi, Chi Sau and ReakTsun). But the third one usually requires wooden dummy training and therefore comes rather late in the IWTA/EWTO curriculum. This may require a few sessions on the wooden dummy to catch up. 

The 8PWC master degree is completely independent from the curriculum. Whoever masters the eight essentials will get the degree. Usually, a master from another organization will have most of the required skills (most of the ones we know do). However, a short practical exam is still mandatory.

To sum this up:

  • An IWTA/EWTO technician / master degree will usually be credited to an 8PWC technician / master within a short time.
  • An instructor degree can not be transferred. However, the 8PWC instructor degree is not required for teaching. It is only required to hold examinations or to open a public, official 8PWC school.

Recognition of the 8PWC style by the EWTO
Since we are not part of the EWTO any more, we no longer teach the EWTO sections and sets on a regular basis. The EWTO changes its curriculum frequently, which makes it hard to stay up to date. Those of our students who are still interested in the EWTO curriculum can be shown the versions as of 2012 but even though we do monitor further changes there will be no further updates of our compatibility program, since we no longer have any reason to stay compatible. In 8PWC we prefer a stable curriculum - variety is great, but not in the formal curriculum, which should provide a common basis for the future.

Only our first set is almost exactly equal to the EWTO version. But the differences are not very big and are only differences in the sequence of movements. Therefore it is easy to learn the EWTO versions in addition. However, we recommend that you learn the EWTO versions in an EWTO school if you plan to take exams there. The same is true for the Chi Sau sections. Concerning the parts of the EWTO exams which are held by GM Kernspecht himself, the curriculum doesn't matter.